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There are many who call themselves DJ's but none embody the title like the Core DJs own Juice Jonze™. He is more than just a DJ, coming up as a protégé under the tutelage of DJ Love Bug Starski and The Legend DJ Showtime, Juice Jonze™ has emerged as one of Southern Connecticut's respected and youngest "O.G.'s" in the nightlife and music scene. He has a special love for music, guerilla marketing, and the art of the DJ craft that shows in everything he does.


Along with his 20 years of professional DJ experience, Juice Jonze™ has over 10 years of marketing experience. He knows how important "brand awareness" is for a company and your business. Having worked with such companies as Island/Def Jam, SRC, Koch Distribution, and others has provided him with the experience necessary to reach target audiences. 


As a co-founding member of the Too Much Entertainment Group (TMEG) Juice Jonze™ has also organized successful promotional events, showcases, trips & getaways from Montreal to Miami since 2002.


You can find Juice Jonze™  in the club with his family, The All Out Brothers. Also be on the look out for Mr. Jonze all around the state of Connecticut doing charitable acts throughout the community, like the Core DJs Holiday Coat & Toy Drive and "Feel the Warmth" Community Kitchen.


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Photos by: Time Frozen Photography 

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