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VIDEOS host DJ Juice Jonze caught up Grammy Award Winner Big Boi at Stankonia Studio for the Def Jam Island listening Suite for Mix Show LIVE 2012 II in Atlanta, GA. Big Boi talked about his new single and what he has coming up next. For more exclusive interviews and footage from Mix Show LIVE 

"Welcome To The New Age" was not only a theme, but was a transition for DJ Santo & the All Out Brothers Brand. 
This event took place on July 20th, 2013 at the Grand Closing of DJ Santo's resident Saturday home, Sono Lounge in Norwalk, CT. 


We are back!! Another great episode in the books this week we sit down with 2 of CT's Young OG's taking us through the start of their careers and how they met... I add in my story on how we met also. The Duo also touch on the parties in the early 2000s and Juice gives a very dope 'Keeping it 1200'. A lot of great stories & lots of laughs so sit back and get ready to digest!!

IG & Twitter @djstudderzct    @TSD_Podcast

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